Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wondering of Wondershoe

Last Sunday I went to Garlic Store. Wanted to buy a pair of Wondershoe shoes.  I actually fall in love with Bonnie, it's Diana Rikasari's design. I did vote this shoes at her polling for Wondershoe collection. Since it's only available online, I wanted to make sure the size, which is between 35 or 36, and how comfort it was.
So I run to Garlic, tried some shoes. It's comfortable. And....the smallest size they have -almost for every shoes- is 36. Doesn't fit my size. :( Yeah at least now I know my size is 35.

Oh oh...come to me My Bonnie...

Bonnie shoes
*pic from Wondershoe

Lucky me, while suffered from a broken heart....hahahah I found a cute shirt and finally went home with a shopping bag in my hand. Will post the pic later.

Oh, good news for those who lives in Surabaya.

Surabaya Fashion Parade 2010 starts today!

Find complete schedule at Surabaya Fashion Carnival

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Negeri di Awan

Kau mainkan untukku
Sebuah lagu tentang negeri di awan
Di mana kedamaian menjadi istananya
Dan kini tengah kau bawa
Aku menuju kesana

 ----Negeri di Awan-Katon Bagaskara----

Mount Ceremai view

Vincci shades, 725 sweater, unbranded red&blue tanktop, Cardinal pants, Promod canvas boot

More about the mount here

*photographed by Yadi

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Healing Heels

Yuhuuu...Finished applying the studs.
This heel had been finally healed.

having exfoliation


I'm soooo happy! I played it out with my kebaya and songket skirt. It's a kebaya seragaman for my lovely friend's wedding Esti, 2 weeks to go dear!
Oh there's a story bout the kebaya. Esti gave me kain brokat. And I bought kain songket for the bottom. Gave those kains to a tailor. And you know what? The result is waaaaay far from what I want. What I want is a very simple design : a short sleeve backside button kebaya and an A-line songket skirt. And it came up to a short sleeve frontside button kebaya and a balloon songket skirt. Well, I was so upset initially. The tailor promise me to alter those two. But...I'm actually thankful for those unexpected result as now I can wear those like this


custom made kebaya, custom made songket skirt, N.y.L.a brownie bow belt, BySI black belt, Rame-rame shop ring, Prima Classe shoes


Look! Someone Something is having an exfoliation. It's my shoes which never been used since a year ago. I'm about to throw them away until an idea came up.

Well, studs might help. I ordered some from Maria Tjandra and already received it yesterday afternoon.

I'm working on it. Let's see how well the shoes will heal.