Thursday, May 20, 2010

Healing Heels

Yuhuuu...Finished applying the studs.
This heel had been finally healed.

having exfoliation


I'm soooo happy! I played it out with my kebaya and songket skirt. It's a kebaya seragaman for my lovely friend's wedding Esti, 2 weeks to go dear!
Oh there's a story bout the kebaya. Esti gave me kain brokat. And I bought kain songket for the bottom. Gave those kains to a tailor. And you know what? The result is waaaaay far from what I want. What I want is a very simple design : a short sleeve backside button kebaya and an A-line songket skirt. And it came up to a short sleeve frontside button kebaya and a balloon songket skirt. Well, I was so upset initially. The tailor promise me to alter those two. But...I'm actually thankful for those unexpected result as now I can wear those like this


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