Monday, June 7, 2010

Got the Job

I officially join the project and start the job today. It was a year ago I'm leaving this office, customer's office actually. They spare a room for their subcontractors.
By the time I write this, I've been in the office for 60 minutes. Yeah it's too early , but I need to set some stuff on my notebook. No one in the office yet but cleaning service and security. Thanks God they still recognize me so I can spare a time to chat.

Back to work
Good things : being busy again, more cash for my saving ;)
Bad things : goodbye napping, goodbye You-Can-Do-Everything-You-Want-Anytime, goodbye rerun tv shows, fish at home will suffer from starvation since nobody will feed them :( I'm thinking to ask my friend adopt them.

PS : I spent my weekend in Bandung and got the time to hunt some treasures in Pasar Gedebage. Found a lot!!

1 comment:

  1. oi bu lurah, kerja oy, jangan blogging ajaaa..
    hohohoho, welkom bek to the working life ya, dadar guling roti tawar.. :)

    terus mana tuh harta karun Gedebage, udin lama ga kesana uy, masih ada ga ya mamang langganan? kekekeke..