Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Welcome June!

I had such a wonderful time last weekend.

I happened to see Lasalle's fashion show at Thursday and Arva's fashion show at Friday. Both are part of Surabaya Fashion Parade 2010 event. Will share some collections I like most. Unfortunately, I did forget to memorize the designers for each collection except the Vintage Romantic, it's Cheryl Candra. I looove the cute little girls presenting the cute vintage dresses. I don't have clear picture for this, but find one at Arva.

Oh, I finally found a perfect gift for my friend's wedding. And I also had a niceeee dinner supper at Nen's Corner :)
New update! I just had a job offer I've been looking for. It definitely meets the first criteria, Surabaya homebase! Ya Allah, I need your bless.

Vintage Romantic, Cheryl Chandra-Arva
 Look at those girls peeking up from backstage, they couldn't wait to walk at catwalk. hahahahah... 

Ivan Julius's collection - Arva

And this is what I wore


  1. eemmm, kado itu kado bwat ku bukaan? *ge-er
    euleuh, euleuh, si abang peka teh diajak juga ke fashion show?

  2. iya benaaaaaar. kado buatmu tuh...
    mmmm...hr pertama jemput doank. hr kedua ikut sih tp dia beredar ngubek2 tp sendiri.ho ho ho...