Sunday, September 19, 2010

Come and Gone

Ooooow it's been a while I'm not updating my blog. Been three months doing my job, it keeps me busy and make me sooo lazy to use my laptop at home for anything reasons.
Some remarkable things happened in my life. Very good, good, and bad ones.
One, I'm pregnant! I found it out in August 16,2010 by taking a Sensitif test. It came out 2 red stripes! And  the day after I confirmed it by visiting an obsgyn and yes I'm trully pregnant,  it was already 6 months more or less at the time, which's 11 months now. Hohoho...
And by having this baby, I must postpone some plans I made for the next year.
Two, I granted me a new camera. The old camera had a very high occupancy since my hubby and I shared the same camera. And of course it's only a perfect alibi. 
Three, here comes the bad one, I lost my cellphone on my way from Bandung to Surabaya last Tuesday :(. I left it on the airplane, on the seat I think. I did manage reporting it to  the lost and found section, 5 days waiting with no info means it's gone completely.

Oh you know what, I do really miss cooking. So yesterday I woke up early, went the traditional market, shopped some groceries, cooked some ordinary food. Ugh three months my absence, I was so out of date of the market price. 
Hmm...this weekend is a remarkable -this the second time I wrote remarkable- but it is! I spent whole day at home, did some ordinary stuffs. Taking some photo shots. Updating my blog right now. I feel so complete :)

Have a nice weekend everyone.

 nyam nyam


now I'm using his E71 before get the new one


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