Friday, December 24, 2010

Es Jeruk vs Jus Jeruk

One day I ordered es jeruk at a canteen behind Wisma Mulia building. In short time, here came my order..
Tadaaaa...It turned out to be jus jeruk. It's different right? Right? Right?

Me : Mba, saya kan pesannya es jeruk.
She : kan sama-sama pake es mba.


But she's so damn right!
And now I keep smiling whenever I remember that Benny & Mice's look alike scene :)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Baking : Another Excitement

Hey, there's another thing I'd love to learn recently, it's baking! Reason(s)? One, I actually planned to attend fashion design class at Susan Budhiharjo next January. But it's so impossible since I'm carrying this baby and will be delivering in April. Still unreasonable? Read next. Two, since my due date is in April and my project will be ended in the end of January, I decided to stay home after this project and do something else fun. It's too short to take any other projects, unless they wanna hire me for just two months period ;). Three, I've been wanted to learn baking since long time ago, but I don't have much time to spare plus no equipment at all!
Well, enough reasons then to start this new excitement.
So, I started googling and reading tons of review, visited some stores...And I finally opted and bought some equipments needed. Of course there are other stuffs I bought but I didn't manage to display them all. Tooooo

Oxone OX-898BR 4in1 Jumbo electric oven, Tanita KD160-WH digital scale, Philips mixer.

Why I opted Oxone Ox-898BR : don't have any idea for this equipment but it has good review from users, can bake and grill ( other oven can't do so), adequate capacity 28L for home baking, can't find any other option after searching at some stores ^^'. Last, they have online store Yes it matters to me.
Why I opted Tanita KD160-WH digital scale : don't have any idea for this equipment but some reviews said that Tanita is the best digital scale. I was asking some store and they told me the same. This type has enough weight capacity (2 kg) with 1 gr weight graduation. Oh and I love its attractive shape. Online store
Why I opted Philips mixer : I'm a Philips oriented for home kitchen appliances. It's time proven for durability and quality so why choose others? Don't asked me again why I opted Oxone electric oven ;)

After all those stuffs ready at home in Thursday, I couldn't even wait until weekend to do an experiment. I made a cake right away -it's a basic rum raisin cake- in Friday morning. It was my first time baking and was a total success for me! Woohoo...Too bad I didn't manage to take picture of it as it washed-up sooo fast! Lol.
So I made another basic cake last Saturday, a butter cheesecake. But it's a no for me. The taste is good, but not the texture :( I prefer the rum raisin cake.

Butter cheesecake

Happy Monday everyone :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Relaxing weekend in Malang

My husband and I were taking leave last Monday, so it gave us loooong weekend to enjoy :)
Thanks A for being my personal photographer ;)
We went to Malang as we've never been there together. Actually Lombok was our first destination for last weekend getaway. But there're one, two and more things made us change our plan.*sigh
There's so many things we can enjoy in Malang. Other than food, there're lots of tourist attraction such as Jatim Park 1, Jatim Park 2, Batu Night Square, Selecta, waterfall, agrotourism, etc. This time we visited Jatim Park 2 and agrotourism. All located at Batu, it's more or less 15km from Malang downtown. The weather is waaaay more cooler than Surabaya. It's Lembang feels alike. We love it :)

Kusuma Agrowisata
Entry fee : IDR 25,000 including 4 strawberry self-harvesting, 1 strawberry pudding, 1 pack vegetable.
There're other fruits garden we can choose : guava and orange.


Jatim Park 2
Entry fee IDR 40,000 weekday, IDR 60,000 weekend. It's a combo package for Secret Zoo and Museum Satwa. Too bad I didn't have a chance to explore much at this park since I was almost fainted at the Secret Zoo! So we decided to go back home earlier :(

Pasar Gedebage bucket hat and postman bag, Invio crop blazer, unbranded maxi dress, Riotous boots

PS : It's my 22th weeks pregnant and some people still didn't notice that I'm pregnant. Look at my baby bump! Lol