Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Relaxing weekend in Malang

My husband and I were taking leave last Monday, so it gave us loooong weekend to enjoy :)
Thanks A for being my personal photographer ;)
We went to Malang as we've never been there together. Actually Lombok was our first destination for last weekend getaway. But there're one, two and more things made us change our plan.*sigh
There's so many things we can enjoy in Malang. Other than food, there're lots of tourist attraction such as Jatim Park 1, Jatim Park 2, Batu Night Square, Selecta, waterfall, agrotourism, etc. This time we visited Jatim Park 2 and agrotourism. All located at Batu, it's more or less 15km from Malang downtown. The weather is waaaay more cooler than Surabaya. It's Lembang feels alike. We love it :)

Kusuma Agrowisata
Entry fee : IDR 25,000 including 4 strawberry self-harvesting, 1 strawberry pudding, 1 pack vegetable.
There're other fruits garden we can choose : guava and orange.


Jatim Park 2
Entry fee IDR 40,000 weekday, IDR 60,000 weekend. It's a combo package for Secret Zoo and Museum Satwa. Too bad I didn't have a chance to explore much at this park since I was almost fainted at the Secret Zoo! So we decided to go back home earlier :(

Pasar Gedebage bucket hat and postman bag, Invio crop blazer, unbranded maxi dress, Riotous boots

PS : It's my 22th weeks pregnant and some people still didn't notice that I'm pregnant. Look at my baby bump! Lol


  1. mantapp, foto yang dari belakang yang ada hijau2nya itu mantapp

  2. itu kebun strawberry by...
    ayo main sini, ntar gw ajak jln2 ke malang. bnyk spot cantik ;)

  3. ah, kalian ga asik, ga ikutan ke lombok :)

  4. Heyy aku pernah ke agrowisata ituu :)
    Tapi blon pernah ke jatim park, pengen juga kesana..
    By the way, what you wear is so cute! The dress and hat is very lovely :)


  5. halo lussi, wah aku juga ada rumah lho di malang, ga sekalian ke BNS? rumah hantu nya keren lho. heheh..

  6. Semuanya deket sama rumahku :D
    Kalo ke Batu lagi kontek-kontek yah say.
    Bener kata Hanna, BNS emang keren rumah hantunya.