Monday, March 21, 2011

Another exciting activity?

Remember when I said I need to find another exciting activity when my project end? Yeah.. let's forget about that now.  Here I am, still working on my 37W2D pregnant. Another subcontractor hires me for short term contract. Actually, they asked me to join the project until h-5 of my due date. Lol. No thank you sir, I'll end my work at the end of this month. 
Well, this is an underpressure project since it is actually need to be closed long time ago, end of Dec 2010 if I'm not mistaken. So everybody is in the panic mode now. We have to close it at the end of this week.
Soooo, for the last one month, I feel like living in the office. There's no time to watch TV after hour, I missed all the tv serial. Well at least I can catch them up on weekend.

And hey, I'm getting bigggggger now (only my bump actually). I gained 10 kilos, my baby is 2.7 kilos now. I'll see her in 3 weeks :)
I spare my time on the weekend to buy all the baby stuffs. It is sooooooo fun and relaxing to fill my hectic work day. My hubby and I went here and there to hunt baby crib, stroller, car seat, baby blanket and any other cute stuffs. Will share the pics here. Yay, I even ignore my camera for more than 1 month ^^'

Oh one thing that I must not forget! I'm going to have a pregnancy photo shoot. Maybe next week.

Happy Monday everyone. 

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